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Welcome to Oakville

Oakville Elementary School is a small community school of about 270 students located in the central portion of St. Mary’s County. The majority of our students come to school ready for their day and ready to learn. During the school year student attendance was 92.6%. Demographics for the school year identify a minority population of 25%, a FARMS population of 30%, and a special education population of 10%. Cultural differences and differences in behavioral expectations are present amongst our children from varying socio-economic backgrounds. Many of our children have attended Oakville since they began school. Because of this, we have been able to develop a true sense of community and a strong knowledge of our students and their families.

Student academic progress is closely monitored by analyzing a variety of data, beginning with classroom, county and state level assessments. Instructional remediation and enrichment programs are determined and implemented based on this data. 

Oakville Elementary will continue to implement and further develop the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) as a school-wide initiative. As a staff, we have committed to overall school-wide behavior expectations. Our school rules fall under the umbrella of “PAWS”: Positive Attitude, Act Responsibly, Work Hard, and Safety First. These expectations were developed collaboratively by the staff to be specific to the various school settings providing consistency throughout the building and from year to year. 

The Oakville staff, parents and community work collaboratively to provide a warm, nurturing environment for our children. As a community, we share a sense of pride in our school and a common mission to create the best educational experience possible for our students. Our vision for Oakville Elementary is “One community committed to learning and safety for all children”.

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